Work Process

Our work process is designed to be collaborative, thorough, and tailored to your unique business needs. Our work process embodies our commitment to delivering top-notch, results-driven solutions.

Our Methodology

The methodology we incorporate has four stages that evolve over a 90-day period. Each stage is crucial to the overall success of the project. We focus on targeting new clients, increasing your revenue, and boosting your profile while helping you scale and retain your clients.


The onboarding phase includes the initial discovery call which underpins the direction of the project. In this phase, we learn everything we can about your company, including its objectives, obstacles, ideal customers, and current market conditions. We onboard you onto our bespoke platform and setup your assets ready for the creative phase.


We curate content and begin delivering lead generation advertising. We go through a validation phase and refine the creative assets to deliver an optimal ROI for your business. We also review all offline and online marketing collateral to leverage your profile, build trust, and organically grow your business.


This stage focuses on ad delivery in a boosted capacity. All resources are optimised by this stage and integrated with your Website, Socials, CRM, Emails, Calendar, and Communications channels. This is the most exciting phase of the Lead Accelerator System.


Once we have refined and boosted your lead generation platform, we nurture clients through marketing automation to squeeze them down the funnel ready for a transaction. We offer the ability to scale and support your sales team on an ongoing basis through marketing tools and training support.

We want to help you secure more qualified leads

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